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YTD YouTube Downloader Review

This YTD video downloader review will cover the pros and cons of this popular application.

It boasts impressive download speeds and multiple files at a time.

You can also resume and pause downloads.

You can even preview files before downloading.

However, YT does not offer a user manual and you have to email Support to find out how to use it.

Despite these advantages, YTD is not the best downloader for you.

YTD Video Downloader & Converter

YTD Video Downloader & Converter is one of the more popular video downloading applications on the market, but its free version is somewhat limited. It is unable to download a YouTube playlist, and users must manually download each video. Because of this, YTD is an excellent choice for people who want to download videos from YouTube without paying a premium. The pro version is more advanced, though, with a range of features and 4x faster download speeds.

YTD Video Downloader enables you to download videos from websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. You can even convert videos to a variety of file types and formats. In addition, you can download videos to mobile devices, including Android and iPhone. The free version is limited to downloading videos from YouTube, but you can upgrade to a paid version to download videos on multiple devices. In addition, you can also download videos in 60 frames per second.

YTD Video Downloader allows users to download videos from popular video sharing websites like YouTube. The interface makes the process easy, though there are some problems and error messages you may encounter. You might experience lags and pauses while downloading videos from YouTube. If you’d like to download more than one video at a time, YTD Video Downloader is not the best choice. You’ll need a software that can handle multiple downloads at once.


When you’re looking for a YouTube downloader for Android, you may have seen some KeepVid YouTube downloader reviews. The app’s main function is to download videos and save them to your device, but it’s missing some important features. KeepVid is ad-supported and requires you to sign in from within the app. However, it delivers fast downloads. It can download entire playlists and works with supported mobile web sites.

KeepVid’s UI is not as intuitive as the best ones, but it does have a few features you may want. Its primary goal is to provide a user-friendly interface and fast video processing. It’s still a relatively new application, so you should expect it to evolve as it goes along. KeepVid has a surprisingly high number of positive KeepVid YouTube downloader reviews, which show that it’s well worth a try.

Another popular video downloader is Clip Converter. This app is free to download videos from YouTube and most other streaming websites. However, there are a few cons, like ad-supported interface and a need to manually change the file extension to. Another drawback is that ClipConverter does not download videos in batch. Additionally, it can’t download videos that contain music. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to KeepVid, look no further.


If you’re looking to download videos, music, or movies, iTubeGo is the best choice for you. This free video downloader allows you to save the files in a high-quality format with enhanced sound. In addition, it supports multiple video sites, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Vevo, and Mixcloud. In addition, it includes a free Musify music downloader.

In addition to downloading videos from YouTube, iTubeGo supports many other video platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Its free download feature means that it’s an excellent option for people on the go, as it works with several social media networks. The video downloader is simple to use, with a floating window to view and select the quality you want. However, it’s not as comprehensive as some desktop applications.

The user interface is straightforward and allows you to download videos from multiple sites at once. The software allows you to choose the format and quality of videos, and even recommends videos based on your tastes. You can download videos in up to 4K resolution, and you can listen to audio as well, if you want to. It also supports downloading from private playlists and liked videos. However, it’s important to note that some of the paid features are limited to YouTube, so the user experience may not be as good as with other programs.

iTubeGo YouTube downloader offers an attractive price and a free trial. The downloader allows users to save videos in Mp4 and MP3 formats, and it also has a batch download feature. Moreover, it allows you to convert videos from YouTube into MP3 with one click, which saves you a lot of time and data. If you’re looking for a video downloader that works with multiple sites, iTubeGo may be the perfect solution.

XYDownloader for Mac

While you can download YouTube videos to your Mac by using the YTD application, there are many other apps on the market that provide similar functions. The interface of YTD is similar to an internet browser, and it provides access to a large variety of popular video sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Lynda. The only difference is that XYDownloader for Mac does not offer video conversion, so you’ll have to use a separate application for that. However, there are numerous video downloader reviews for other programs, and we’ve compiled a list of the top ones.

Another great feature of XYDownloader for Mac is its built-in search engine, which allows you to find videos with a single click. In addition, you can save videos in different formats, including 3D and 360-degree. Lastly, XYDownloader for Mac is also compatible with a variety of formats, including MP3, FLV, and AVI. You can even download videos from YouTube in high-quality resolutions to convert to other formats.

Despite the number of features that XYDownloader for Mac has to offer, it’s not always easy to use. Users often find the interface to be difficult to use and it’s difficult to distinguish between different files. It’s also difficult to read all of the information on the video, and you can’t customize the panel size, so if you’re unsure of how to use the program, check out some of the reviews to help you decide if it’s the best option for you.

DVD Videosoft

If you are looking for a YouTube downloader software that allows you to download videos easily and safely, then you should consider the DVD Videosoft YouTube downloader review. This software is free and allows you to download videos from YouTube in almost any format you can think of. It also converts videos to various file formats, including MP4, 3GP, and M4V. DVDVideoSoft also allows you to download music videos and merge several videos into one file.

Most of these applications are safe, but there are some problems with them. For one, the apps you install online often have ads and may contain malware. Another problem is that downloading videos through these apps may download potentially dangerous files. Using a reliable YouTube downloader can keep your computer safe and secure. This software is available for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, and Linux operating systems. If you want to download videos to your computer, you can read more about it in our DVD Videosoft YouTube downloader reviews.

Besides being a free downloader, DVDVideoSoft also offers a feature-packed paid version. The free version of this program allows you to download videos to your computer without any hassle. Unlike the paid version, it supports downloading videos from various websites. It can even convert videos into various formats, including MP3 and M4V. If you need a high-quality download, DVDVideoSoft YouTube downloader is definitely worth a try.

iTube Studio for Mac

iTube Studio for Mac is a comprehensive YouTube downloader. This Mac video downloader lets you record videos, convert them to different formats, and transfer them to your mobile devices. It is supported by the largest number of video-sharing websites, including YouTube and Vimeo. The program supports downloading videos from cloud storage. In addition to YouTube, this Mac video downloader can also record videos from any other source.

One of the best free video downloaders for Mac is Videoder. It allows users to download videos of the desired quality and audio. Videoder also enables users to choose subtitles and block ads. It also supports batch downloading. Its interface is very simple, with three buttons on the top and bottom. The interface looks like a web browser. It provides access to numerous hot videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Lynda. This free Mac video downloader does not offer format conversion. You can use a separate application to convert your videos to other formats.

Another benefit of iTube Studio for Mac is that it supports more than a thousand video-sharing sites. This Mac video downloader supports macOS Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, and more. iTube Studio is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. It can download videos directly to devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

YTD YouTube Downloader Review

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