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What is the Difference Between a Theme and a Page Builder?

If you’re new to building WordPress websites, you’ll be wondering, “What is the difference between a theme and html page builder?” The first thing to know is that themes are not made equal. A page builder, on the other hand, is made from scratch. As a result, you can get tons of additional features and customisation options. A page builder, however, is easier to customize and supports customization and changes, while a theme is often abandoned and reverted to a previous version.


While most other page builders and themes come with a variety of built-in elements, Divi’s visual builder offers an extensive set of customization options. It has a wide array of customizable elements, including responsiveness, custom styling, and even role editors. The visual builder’s interface makes customization a breeze, and it offers a comprehensive support center. If you have a lot of questions, you can check out Elegant Themes’ video tutorials or read the comprehensive user guide for Divi.

Another plus: Divi’s user community is active. Thousands of people on Facebook are willing to answer questions and help one another. The Elegant Themes Divi Community Facebook group is run by a team of expert developers, who regularly update their product. You can find useful information and solutions to your website’s problems in this community. Alternatively, you can try Divi’s live demo, which shows you how to customize the theme.

Despite its many benefits, Divi is best known as a highly versatile and flexible theme for WordPress. It is compatible with many other WordPress themes and includes a powerful page builder that allows you to customize every aspect of your website without any coding knowledge. This feature makes it possible for even non-technical users to build a high-quality, professional website without any experience in designing or coding.

The best part about Divi is that it’s easy to use, regardless of whether you’re new to website building or have years of experience with other themes. You can design a page in minutes without having to know HTML or CSS. A simple drag-and-drop feature lets you customize almost every aspect of your website. You can also design your header and blog post templates using the Divi Builder. Divi’s drag-and-drop feature is also a big plus.


Page builders are a good option if you’re not a developer. They are much easier to use and let you create your own styles without knowing CSS or PHP. However, they do have a lot of drawbacks. If you’re trying to customize your website, you’ll have to learn more about CSS and PHP. On the other hand, themes come with a set of templates that you can modify to make your website look great.

One of the most significant differences between a theme and a page builders is how they create a website. While a theme can be customized, a page builder is built with the WordPress editor. The differences are mostly in functionality. A theme can change the layout of your website and let you customize it to fit your needs. A page builder can make your website look better and more professional.

A page builder allows you to customize a website and is an important part of the WordPress process. Most page builders are easy to use and can provide you with a lot of features. If you’re in the market for a page builder, Elementor is a popular choice, with over 3 million installations. While Elementor offers free and premium options, the free version offers drag-and-drop website editing, 40 widgets, and 30 templates. Regardless of whether you opt for the free version or a premium plan, Elementor is an outstanding option for WordPress website editors.

Elementor is a page builder for WordPress that lets you edit your content in the frontend and backend. Unlike other page builders, Elementor comes with tons of ready-made widgets that you can use to design your website. It also supports several other plugins, including WooCommerce. Elementor Pro offers email support as well. The differences between a theme and a page builder make it difficult to make a mistake.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a page building theme and page builder. It offers several layout options and is completely customizable. Users can customize the spacing and type focus of individual elements, as well as the alignment and background of the page’s elements. Thrive Architect includes foundation sections and a text box for creating custom pages. Thrive Architect also features an easy-to-use interface, which includes tooltips around the user interface.

When you purchase Thrive Architect, you’ll receive access to a membership dashboard. To install the plugin, go to Thrive Architect’s member dashboard and select Plugins/Add New. Next, click on Upload Plugin and browse to the file you downloaded. Install the plugin and activate it. Once installed, you’ll find a new menu item that contains the Thrive Architect plugin.

When you purchase Thrive Architect, you’ll also get access to a suite of products that you can use to create a great website. It includes Thrive Architect, Thrive Optimize, Leads, Quiz Builder, and Theme Builder. This is a good option for anyone new to website building. It lets you create a website without any coding experience.

Thrive Architect is one of the most popular plugins from Thrive Themes. Previously known as the Thrive Visual Editor, it’s one of the first visual page editors for WordPress. This editor gives you the power to customize individual elements without having to worry about the underlying code. Thrive Architect also provides several templates for sales pages, optin pages, and more.


You can use Cornerstone as both a page builder and a theme. Both products can be used to build any page on your WordPress site. Cornerstone is a front-end page builder that doesn’t require you to switch between the admin panel and the site. Cornerstone works with any theme, so you can switch them as you like without losing your design. Cornerstone also works with Elementor, so you can design any page on your WordPress site with it.

When installing the Cornerstone builder, you will see a menu on the left side that contains sub-items. Themes let you manage theme updates, install demo content, and manage theme extensions. Theme options are also accessible from the admin menu. You can also create custom pages by combining elements, 3rd party tools, templates, and custom CSS. Cornerstone is flexible enough to meet your needs, even if you’re starting from scratch.

The newsletter edition of Cornerstone is a good example of a multi-purpose tool. Its newsletter module lets you create visually appealing newsletters, based on the content and events on your website. Because the newsletter uses the same CMS technology as your website, it’s easy to manage all your digital communication from one place. In addition to creating and publishing pages for your website, Cornerstone includes a newsletter module.

Another feature of Cornerstone is its code editor. It’s browser-based and features advanced coding. You can even make changes live, which helps you improve your skills. You can see what changes you’ve made right away. It is possible to edit a page in real time, which is a huge plus. If you don’t want to use your own CSS, Cornerstone is the right option.


The Thrive theme and page builder are tools that help you create attractive and functional web pages. Unlike other page builders, Thrive provides a visual editor for WordPress. You can create basic pages within an hour. If you’re unsure how to use a page builder, this program makes the task much easier. It allows you to import and duplicate themes. You’ll be able to design and customize your pages in a matter of minutes.

Although the Thrive theme and page builder are great tools on their own, they can also be used with other WordPress plugins. Thrive Optimize is a particularly useful feature. It allows you to test two versions of your site and compare their performance. It will show you the subtle differences between the two versions and which changes are most appealing to visitors. Thrive Optimize also allows you to incorporate third-party add-ons to your website.

Thrive Themes offer a membership option for its Thrive Themes products. If you decide to purchase one of the products, it will cost you $19 a month or $280 a year. Despite its price, Thrive Themes’ suite of tools will provide you with everything you need to create a successful website. It comes with unlimited support and updates, and it can be installed on up to 25 websites. You won’t need to pay for web hosting and domain names if you choose the annual plan.

The Thrive theme and page builder is a great choice for the average beginner or intermediate webmaster. It combines the features of a drag-and-drop builder with a theme editor. With this tool, you can add and remove elements from the header and footer. You can also customize page templates and add your own custom HTML. This tool is an invaluable tool for boosting your website’s performance.

What is the Difference Between a Theme and a Page Builder?

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