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What Are the Fastest WordPress Themes?

While the question “what are the fastest WordPress themes?”

isn’t a new one, there are some excellent choices.

The following five themes are some of the fastest available.

They have been tested and proven to load your site as quickly as possible.

They also provide a wide range of features, including a number of premium add-ons.

The bottom line: the faster they load, the better.

But which ones are the best?


You can customize your website in a number of ways using GeneratePress. For example, you can change the colors and fonts for the header, footer, and sidebar. There are also various settings for header padding, sidebar width, and content and widget padding. This allows you to customize the appearance of each of these areas to suit your needs. GeneratePress comes with over 60 color options. Depending on your needs, you can make your site responsive with just a few clicks.

While most WordPress themes are mobile-friendly nowadays, some are not. This is where GeneratePress comes in handy. It is fully responsive across all devices and you can customize the mobile version of your site independently. It is also highly customizable, and comes with a child theme so you can add custom CSS and PHP. If you plan on using GeneratePress on more than one website, you can even use a single license for unlimited sites.

This theme is easy to install and set up. Even a beginner WordPress user can install it. All you need to do is log in to your dashboard and navigate to the Appearance tab. From there, choose the Themes menu and click the Add New button. Type “GeneratePress” and hit enter. Once you’ve found the theme, activate it by clicking the “Activate” button. Then, you’re all set!

Another theme that is built for speed is GeneratePress. Because of its lightweight code, it’s extremely quick to render. Its fast load time will make Google Pagespeed Insights happy! Similarly, WP-Astra Theme is one of the fastest themes. However, it is also very feature-rich and doesn’t require jQuery. Neve is also another theme that is fast, and it doesn’t rely on jQuery.


When it comes to speed, OceanWP is one of the fastest WordPress theme available. Its customizable options allow you to change the color scheme and style of individual posts, pages, and posts. It even has a special hooks extension that makes adding content a breeze. With this extension, you can edit specific settings for specific posts or pages or even change the position of individual content. It’s an excellent option for beginners and experienced webmasters alike.

It’s easy to change colours and fonts in OceanWP’s demos, although changing the overall design of your site will require a professional designer. In addition to this, you can choose from a wide range of professional WordPress designs. These themes can be imported through the theme demo system. You can even create specific websites with OceanWP’s multipurpose capabilities. You can also create a website with a single theme or use different options to build a custom theme for your needs.

Theme customization is also easy. OceanWP is equipped with a theme customiser that lets you change the look and feel of each page. You can view the changes in real time and see how they look on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The general settings panel is another important area to customize. It allows you to customize the layout, control pagination, and change the typography for each element. You can also customize the header section of your site.

You can import a demo site with OceanWP, or create your own from scratch. This theme is also easy to customize, with a range of settings for headers, footers, and text elements. Changing the colors of headers, footers, and menus can help visitors navigate your site without a problem. There are also many demo sites for you to choose from to get an idea of the style you are looking for.

Twenty Nineteen

This theme has many great features. It is compatible with WordPress’ block editor, making it ideal for dynamic landing pages and customizing the layout of your site. It also comes with a large page size, making it easy to view all your content in a single glance. Twenty Nineteen is also included with most WordPress accounts, so you don’t have to pay for a premium theme. For a quick and easy way to create an appealing landing page, try the Hello Elementor theme. This lightweight theme was developed with the Elementor page builder in mind, making it one of the fastest WordPress themes available.

Twenty Nineteen comes with a full-screen widget area beneath the site content. On wide screens, the widgets will automatically display in two columns. Another feature of this theme is the Social Icons Menu. You can add your social profiles to display as logos in the header. Simply create a Social Links menu, assign it, and publish your changes to see the change in action. If you don’t need all this functionality, you can always opt for a more traditional one-column layout.

Twenty Nineteen is the fastest WordPress theme we tested, but it is not by far the fastest. In our tests, it took about half a second for it to load. It scored higher on GTmetrix than the other two themes. Using several different testing tools gives a more accurate picture of how a theme will perform. For twenty-nineteen to be the fastest, you should try installing the Autoptimize plugin.


If you’re looking for a WordPress theme with a minimalist design that’s quick and easy to customize, look no further than Neve. The theme is designed by Themeisle, a popular theme shop that also creates the Hestia theme and Feedzy RSS Feeds plugin. Neve is free and comes with starter sites, so you can test it out before you purchase it. This theme is suited for almost any website, from personal blogs to e-commerce websites.

The best thing about the theme is that it has hundreds of ready-made demos for each niche. It is also fast and works with many plugins. However, the only drawback of the theme is that it imports a lot of additional CSS and JS, which can negatively affect its loading time. While this theme is a solid base for a business website, it is not the fastest. Depending on your needs, you may want to opt for a more premium theme.

While the Astra theme has some flaws, the overall design is great and is highly customizable. Neve is WooCommerce-compatible and comes with a WooCommerce Booster module for easy website creation. This theme also supports Gutenberg. If you’re using Gutenberg for your site, Neve supports the new editor. It also has plenty of customization options that will make your site look stunning no matter what.

While Neve is one of the fastest WordPress themes, it is far from the most lightweight. While it doesn’t use JQuery, it is still one of the fastest, which is a good thing for a business site. The theme is also responsive. That means it can be used on mobile devices without any issues. This means that you’ll need fewer plugins and a much faster website overall.


If you want to test your changes without disrupting your live site, you can use the free lifetime trial provided by BionicWP. The theme has a staging environment that you can access from a subdomain of the BionicWP hosting solution. After the free trial period, you can apply your changes to your live site without causing any disruption. If you’re not satisfied with the free trial, you can purchase a paid plan and use the theme in production.

This premium WordPress theme is geared towards business website owners who are seeking to increase their site’s performance and drive more visitors. It has options to boost Google PageSpeed Score. This is great news for business websites, which often struggle with site speed. BionicWP is also ideal for agencies and small businesses looking to boost their Google PageSpeed Score. Using this theme will improve your website’s speed and maximize the chances of converting your visitors.

Another great feature of BionicWP is that it uses a content delivery network (CDN) to accelerate your website’s speed. BionicWP uses the NitroPack WordPress service, which caches website elements across a network of servers that are closer to the audience. In addition to providing speedy connections, BionicWP aggressively compresses its assets. It also applies adaptive image resizing to all images.

BionicWP also offers managed WordPress hosting. While this service may seem like any other web hosting service, it sets the standard for performance, support, and scalability. Its customer reviews are impressive and they even provide a free month’s trial. If you’re still unsure about BionicWP, read one of our reviews to find out more. If you like BionicWP’s premium WordPress hosting service, you’ll love BionicWP’s services.

What Are the Fastest WordPress Themes?

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