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Link Whisper Review

In this Link Whisper review, we’ll look at how this product functions and which features it has to offer.

We’ll also discuss the Auto-Linking feature, Error Reporting, Price, and Compatible themes.

What’s great about Link Whisper?

The basic features are simple, yet effective.

Here’s our full Link Whisper review!

We hope it helps you decide whether this program is right for you!

Then, you’ll have a more accurate picture of which features to look for.

Auto-Linking feature

If you are planning on starting a new blog, you should be very careful about how you add internal links. Many blog operators spend many hours every day searching for internal linking opportunities, but Link Whisper does the work for you. The plugin will analyze all of your blog posts and display those that are unused. Link Whisper will also optimize your content for the search engines and provide incentives for readers to stay on your blog for longer.

The Auto-Linking feature of Link Whisper can be configured to insert links only in specific categories. This way, it won’t automatically insert links for posts that already have a link. In addition, you can also configure the feature to only insert links that are related to a specific category. One thing to note about this feature is that the AI may make mistakes, so you should check each of your posts to make sure it’s not causing you any problems. If you find the links are not the right ones, you can always rearrange or replace them manually.

Another great feature of Link Whisper is its ability to change URLs in bulk. Instead of manually changing each URL, you can now change all of them with a single click. You can even use your own anchor text instead of the auto-generated ones. When it comes to SEO, anchor text is extremely important and is crucial for ranking well. While most link builders will automatically change your anchor text, Link Whisper will provide suggestions for you to use. Changing URLs can be a pain in the butt.

Another feature that makes Link Whisper stand out is its ability to add internal links to old articles. By adding internal links, Link Whisper will automatically add new links for you. This feature helps your website’s crawling and indexing rate and will improve your ranking position. Its auto-linking feature lets you easily add new articles and manage old ones. Link Whisper allows you to add as many links as you want per keyword.

Error Reporting

Link Whisper can help you with internal and external linking issues on your website. Link Whisper can scan your content and produce an error report indicating whether a particular link is internal or external. You can then make changes to your link settings. Link Whisper will also display a list of suggested articles. It’s very easy to make changes to your links by customizing Link Whisper’s settings. Here are some tips for using Link Whisper for internal linking issues.

In addition to error reporting, Link Whisper lets you customize the report page for each domain. If you want to view specific error reports, you can filter them by keyword or category. Link Whisper also supports 8 languages, including English. Several useful features of Link Whisper include ignoring links, anchor text, and Word Count. You can also choose to ignore links based on specific categories and post types. There is a filter for URL changes.

Link Whisper’s error reporting includes full error reports for broken links and 404 errors. You can manually edit broken links, as well as fine-tune your link suggestions to avoid using certain keywords or phrases. You can even ask the tool to open specific pages in a new tab for you. You can also opt to subscribe to regular updates to the Link Whisper dashboard so you don’t have to constantly check it. This tool is an indispensable tool for any webmaster looking to improve their website.

The Link Whisper dashboard contains information on your overall linking structure and helps you identify any issues. It also shows you the number of internal links and their anchor text. There are several features that make this tool a valuable tool for your website. Among them is the ability to change URLs without the need to redirect. One of its most notable features is the ability to automatically link internal links to external URLs. In addition, Link Whisper provides an overview of your linking structure, ensuring you don’t overload your articles with links.


The best way to find out if Link Whisper is right for your website is to check out the pricing. It’s worth noting that there are three price plans: the basic, intermediate, and premium. A site license for Link Whisper allows you to track the links on all of your sites. It costs $167 a year and includes full reporting on internal links. A discount code called “FacileWay” will save you at least $15 off of the cost of a site licence.

Another great benefit is that it will automatically create links on your site. While most SEO experts recommend manual internal linking, Link Whisper will do the work for you. This automated tool provides automatic link suggestions, which are based on dozens of your previous content. Link Whisper also makes it easy to see broken links. There are also affiliate links in the program. You can also get a $25 discount on any subscription plan, including the Pro one. If you run more than 10 sites, you can request a customized price.

The price of Link Whisper is very reasonable considering all the benefits it has to offer. For a small investment, it can improve the SEO of your website. The plugin can also be used on social media sites, which is helpful for those on a budget. Despite the low price, Link Whisper can be an effective and time-saving tool for your website. There are many benefits, but you should only consider it if you have the time to dedicate to your blog.

Link Whisper comes with three different pricing plans. The basic plan is $69 for a single site. The premium plan comes with customer support assistance. Unlike free versions, Link Whisper is not a trial product. The premium plans are available in three packages. However, a single-site license costs just $69 per year. It allows you to monitor the links of one website. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right option for your website.

Compatible themes

Link Whisper is compatible with almost every page builder and editor. Whether you use Beaver or Gutenburg, this tool will fit into any style. The best feature of the Link Whisper tool is that you can add custom urls and edit sentence length to optimize anchor text. The quantity of internal links should depend on the length of your content, but you should make sure to provide clear indications of site navigation. It is possible to find out what your keyword is by using SEMrush and other tools.

Adding incoming and internal links is a simple process using Link Whisper. This plugin helps bloggers create quality internal linking with just a few clicks. The Dashboard of the Link Whisper provides a list of all blog posts with incoming and outgoing links. The number of incoming and outgoing links is also listed. Users can sort the columns in the report by high and low links. Link Whisper also allows you to build internal links in topic clusters, which is a powerful SEO technique.

Internal linking is a crucial aspect of on-page SEO. Link Whisper can automatically find relevant pages to link to and from your site. This means you can spend less time building links and boosting your SEO. This plugin can help you build internal links to any niche and save you time. If you are unsure about Link Whisper, you can ask for a refund policy, but most people will not need it. A good plugin will give you a positive ROI and will save you time.

After installing the plugin, you can easily set up your target keywords. Link Whisper works with Google Search Console so it pulls keyword data from there. This allows you to easily target keywords for your blog posts. You can even ignore suggested internal links. By ensuring that you use keywords that are relevant to your content, Link Whisper is a great tool for your online marketing efforts. It is one of the most comprehensive tools available for link building.

Price guarantee

If you’ve been neglecting your blog’s internal optimization, you should check out Link Whisper. This program can help revive old blog posts and improve their ranking in search engine results, which ultimately means more organic traffic. Broken links can detract from the quality of your blog post and can cause it to be buried in the search engine rankings. Fixing broken links is a time-consuming and tedious process. But, Link Whisper can do all of this for you.

Whether you run a single blog or multiple sites, Link Whisper can save you countless hours. In addition to its extensive features, it comes with a price guarantee, which means you’ll get your money’s worth. Link Whisper is not cheap, but it offers real added value. To make sure you get the best value, check out the product reviews by current and former users. You’ll be surprised at how much time you’ll save with this plugin!

Another feature of this link-building tool is its extensive reporting features. This tool will help you understand your site’s overall structure and make any needed improvements. It shows you how many inbound links you have and which ones are broken. It will even show you if any of your links are 404 errors. This way, you can fix them before your site suffers a drop in traffic. If you’re not satisfied with Link Whisper, you can get a refund.

In the meantime, the software works to automatically create internal links. It suggests more than one link per word that you type in. If you find it difficult to add internal links, the program will suggest a different link for you. This tool is a lifesaver for affiliate marketers. It will also help you improve your SEO. By adding quality internal links to your site, Google will reward your website for being a good source of content.

Link Whisper Review

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