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Sometimes these statistics are things you can find through the marketplace tools on affiliate lead sites. Not always, though, and some sites are better at it than others, so you need to look at the proven factors that are more likely to result in sales. The trick to this is really in knowing a bit about the psychology of buyers and then using that to guide your efforts at SEO and marketing (but more on that later…).

Affiliate Marketing What Sells and What Does Not

First off, understand that there are only two types of buyers of interest to you; they are

  • Buyers who are researching products, and
  • Buyers who need a product (or feel they need a product) because they need a solution to a problem (or think buying solves a problem sometimes the problem is simple to want)

Are there other types of traffic-generators out there? Sure. But most of them are not buyers who are ready or nearly ready to buy. So that kind of traffic is essentially fluff. It looks good on your site meter, but it doesn’t make you money. So it’s not worth your time and effort.
This is where keyword research comes into play. Effective keyword research will target those buyers ready to buy rather than those just looking around. We’ll break that down in later chapters.
It may appear we’ve gotten away from niche selection. Though, it’s all intertwined. To choose your niche, since you’re not choosing on interest alone, you will need to know how to choose the niches that can perform. You need to know how to spot the moneymakers using your market tools.  
Now that you know your niche, we can start setting up your business. We can plan a game plan and carving out your piece of the market action.

Affiliate Marketing Within Your Niche Fact Or Fiction

One of the absolute most prolific pieces of advice for prospective affiliates is to work within their passions-to find their niche market in an area of personal interest and stay with it. While there is a place for niche marketing in affiliate marketing, it is not what you have been led to believe that it is. For sure, “work within your personal niche” is one of the worst pieces of advice given to new entrepreneurs and the cause of multitudes of affiliate failures.

Do What Interests You

Do what interests you; find your niche; do what you are passionate about; sell the products that interest you the most…
These are the pieces of advice that entrepreneurs are told repeatedly. And there is some basis to this thought, some method behind this madness.
The overall belief is that if you choose to do business in an area or ‘niche’ that you are deeply interested in, that passion will shine through, and you will make sales almost accidentally. The feeling is that by selling products or working within your most favorite niche, you will have a built-in sense of urgency and desire that will compel you to work on your business and to succeed.
By working within a niche category of personal interest, you will come prepared. You will come armed with bucket loads of knowledge and experiences with various products so that you don’t have to ‘waste time’ getting up to speed. You’ll already know the products that deserve a promotion. And you’ll know all the promotional background information almost off the top of your head.
The belief is that if you focus on promoting products that interest you, you can easily take care of business. You can construct websites that will sell the products; you can write articles to submit to directories and gain links back to you, the niche expert; you can build blog upon a blog and never run out of something great to say about your favorite little widget that so transformed your life as a widget collector (whether or not you should, is another matter, and we’ll discuss that later).
Here’s the thing about this-none of it is untrue. It is easier to put yourself behind a product you already know. It is easier to start strongly when you are already well-versed in matters. It is easier to connect with visitors and readers who are more like you. So why is it a myth to believe that you should focus foremost on your personal-interest niche as an affiliate marketer? Why can’t that mean virtually automatic sales and commissions?

What’s Wrong With Passion?

The reasoning against personal niche concentration is more simplistic than you might think. And there are some exceptions to the rule, which we can touch upon after you understand why the myth is a myth.
Then cut to the chase already, right? What’s wrong with doing something you are passionate about?
There is nothing truly wrong with it. But there is something unprofitable about it in an overwhelmingly large percentage of cases. What is unprofitable about this mindset is that it is just too limiting. By choosing your business and products based on one preference, you lose the freedom of choice. And that freedom is important because it allows you to give buyers what they want and saddles you with a few affiliate product options, mostly in a niche that isn’t seeing outrageous demand.
Simply, unless your niche interest is in products or subject areas that coincide with what people are ready to buy, it does not come with an essential element of affiliate marketing success-built-in customers.

4 Tips On Being Effective Affiliate Article Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start an online business. It’s free to get started, and if you take the time to learn a few simple skills, you can make a lot of money pretty quickly and easily. Your primary job as an affiliate marketer is to drive as many targeted (people who want to buy what you are selling) visitors to your site. One of the very best ways to do that is to use affiliate article marketing.

The basic idea of article marketing is to find a list of 5 to 10 good keywords for your niche. A ‘good’ keyword is a keyword phrase that has at least 1,500 searches a month but less than 20,000 competition. Once you have your keywords, you can write several articles per keyword phrase. Make sure your article provides some beneficial information for your reader. 
When you submit it to the article directories, you can provide a resource box. This is where you can promote your website. You can provide a direct link here so that when people read your article, they can click on the link in the resource box and be taken to your website. 
While you can’t do any blatant selling in your chief article, you can use the resource box to do your selling for yourself. Each article directory has its own rules. Follow those rules, and you’ll get published. 
This method is so effective for several reasons:

  • 1. It’s free. You can write an article and submit it for free. It won’t cost you a cent. You can even use a free keyword tool online. You can submit as many articles as you want. 
  • 2.You will establish yourself as an expert in your field. Don’t let this freak you out. Some people, especially those who are just starting, can get intimidated by this. But remember, you don’t have to know everything to be an expert; you have to know more than most of your readers. 
  • 3.If you write a good article and target the right keywords, you can have your article show up online for months or even years. So, it will take over one article, but you can write a few articles and have them stay online and drive traffic for a long time. 
  • 4. Submit multiple articles to several article directories. Don’t submit all the same versions. Instead, submit several versions of each article as long as they are mostly different ( I understand that if you are using the same keyword, there will be many similarities). 

There are a lot of great resources available online that can help you build your business. Many of them are free, and most of them are easy to use. Affiliate article marketing is one of the best methods of driving traffic to your website. It’s perfect for anyone who is getting started online and doesn’t have any money

Affiliate Marketing Commissions Good Money

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make a real full-time income from home. This is one of the few businesses where you are almost completely controlling how much your affiliate marketing commissions are. With the infinite possibilities that the internet offers, all you have to do is find one or two effective strategies and implement them consistently, and your commissions will skyrocket.

One note of caution, though, while you can make virtually unlimited commissions with affiliate marketing, please don’t fall for the scams that tell you you won’t have to do any work and that you can make a six-figure income in 30 days. That is not true. While affiliate marketing is easy to learn and run successfully, it will take work and time to get your business to the point you want it to be.
You can do several things to increase your commissions, but one of the best and most simple things you can do to earn higher commissions is to build an opt-in list.
Most people don’t realize that up to 98% of the people who visit a website not only won’t make a purchase…they won’t ever be back. To convert more of your visitors into customers, you need multiple contacts with them. Having multiple contacts with them can trust you and feel more comfortable spending money with you.
But how do you do that if 98% don’t buy? Simple, you build an email list. You can do this on autopilot simply by signing up for an autoresponder service. When you set up an account, you can pre-load a series of emails into the autoresponder, and they will go out over a while, whatever you set up. That way, you can build trust by providing the people on your list with valuable information; you can also subtly remind them that the product you are selling can help them achieve the results they are looking for.
When you have an autoresponder, you will need to get your visitors to opt-in to your list. By doing this, they permit you to contact them by email to avoid any spam complaints. But how do you get them to opt-in? Well, one of the most common practices is to bribe them! Don’t worry, and I’m not talking about anything unethical. You offer them something of value in return for them signing up to your email list.
It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just something with a high perceived value…something that they will find helpful and consider valuable. For this purpose, a free ebook or report is great. Just make sure that the gift you give them isn’t some junky thing that you threw together in 10 minutes. Provide them something of real value so they will trust you and feel more inclined to not only sign up for your list but purchase products from you.
One very common mistake people will make with their list is to make every email nothing but a sales pitch. If you do that, they will unsubscribe, and you’ve lost a potential customer. Instead, give them valuable hints, tips in every email they receive from you and only occasionally pitch a product to them. This technique will work much better than if you’re always asking them to dig into their wallet.
Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living, and there are easy ways to increase your affiliate marketing commissions greatly. Using an autoresponder is the quickest, easiest way to make more money.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate

Legendary Marketer Affiliate

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