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How to Get YouTube TV

There are several ways to get YouTube TV.

There are a few factors you should consider before making your decision.

These include price, the channel lineup, add-on channels, and the devices supported.

Listed below are the most popular methods of getting YouTube TV.

Keep reading to learn more.

The benefits of getting YouTube TV are plentiful.

You can also enjoy thousands of hours of free TV every month.

In addition to a great library, it offers a wide variety of channels and add-ons for even more entertainment.


If you are interested in streaming live TV over the internet, you may be wondering if YouTube TV is worth the price. Although YouTube TV is no longer a free service, subscribers are still able to enjoy the best shows, movies, and sports. The most notable drawback of YouTube TV is that it lacks major channels such as Disney, ABC, and ESPN. However, Google has decided to honor its previous $15 discount and restore these channels.

YouTube TV has been increasing the price twice in three years, most recently in April. This is an unusual move for a streaming service, which had initially been marketed as a cheap alternative to cable television. The company has also added the channels of the ViacomCBS parent company, including BET, CMT, Comedy Central, and Paramount Network. YouTube TV defends the price increase by saying that it is the only streaming service with unlimited storage. Customers are also allowed to create as many as six accounts.

If you are interested in streaming live TV, YouTube TV is still a great option. The price has gone up to $40 per month, but existing subscribers will be grandfathered into the previous price of $35. The price increase also coincides with the addition of Turner hubs, which have arrived just in time for the NCAA tournament. You can sign up for YouTube TV here. It will continue to grow in price as new channels become available. In the meantime, YouTube TV still provides a solid lineup of shows.

The price of YouTube TV is higher than its competitors, but the high number of channels makes it a good choice for cord cutters. Nevertheless, the monthly cost is worth the value. YouTube TV has won the PCMag Readers’ Choice Award for its mix of channels and features. With the additional additions of 4K streaming, it offers the highest number of channels and the best price. This service is not cheap, but it is definitely worth the price.

Channel lineup

If you’re sick of paying a monthly fee to watch live TV, you can easily cut the cord with YouTube TV. There are a number of options to choose from, including all of the major networks, sports channels, children’s channels, and specialty movie channels. You can even watch local channels like ABC, CBS, and Fox. Depending on your location, the channel lineup may vary. In addition, if you’re looking for a more personal TV experience, you can try the streaming version of the service, which is available on most major streaming devices.

If you love watching NFL games, you’ll be happy to know that YouTube TV is now available on AT&T TV. The service also carries the NFL Network. The NFL Network’s channel lineup offers live games, popular studio shows, NFL Now, NFL Total Access, and award-winning original content. The NFL continues to be the most popular television content, accounting for 47 of the top 50 shows in 2019 on TV. Fans appreciate the content, which is available year-round on both platforms.

YouTube TV also offers regional sports networks and select local channels as part of its base plan. Depending on your location and local channel eligibility, the YouTube TV channel lineup may vary. Once upon a time, YouTube TV’s channel lineup was even longer, but that was before Disney’s exit from the streaming service. While the content itself is not a problem, many consumers find it frustrating that the service does not offer the channels that Disney has.

You can also add premium channels to your YouTube TV subscription. While these add-ons are separate and require a separate monthly fee, they will give you access to many more channels than the standard YouTube TV lineup. For example, you can subscribe to the Sports Plus add-on, which includes Fox College Sports, NFL RedZone, GOLTV, and MAVTV, and Stadium. Another option is Fubo TV, which offers international sports and comes with pre-programmed ads.

Add-on channels

If you’re wondering how to get more niche channels, there’s a new way to do it on YouTube TV. The service has quietly added more add-on channels to its lineup, including Comedy Dynamics, Screambox, and Pantaya. In addition, YouTube TV now offers AMC+ and Sundance Now, two streaming services that have been mirrored on the service. NBC is also now available on YouTube TV.

The user interface is the same as the regular YouTube website. It’s clean and comes with a dark theme. You can search by genre, popularity, or type. The “home” section of the app lets you find content that suits your preferences. You can also manage your subscription details, billing information, and add-on channels. The YouTube TV app is available for iOS and Android devices. Once you’ve signed up for the service, you’ll be able to browse the library and manage your channels and add-on channels.

In addition to live sports, news, and movies, you can get YouTube TV to provide local channels. With local network coverage in over 98% of US television homes, YouTube TV is a great way to stay in the loop about what’s happening in your area. Plus, you can watch movies on demand with the service’s add-on channels. The service also lets you add on premium channels for a monthly fee.

YouTube TV offers closed captioning, which works on any device that supports it. Though it lagged behind the video stream, it was generally accurate. YouTube TV also offers options for customizing subtitle text. One downside was the lack of options to rearrange subtitle text. Another negative is the lack of audio descriptions of audible and visual events. While these are features you’d expect from a streaming service, they are limited in their usefulness.

Devices supported

If you’ve been looking for an app that allows you to watch YouTube videos, you’ve probably come across YouTube TV. This application is available on many different types of devices, including Apple and Android phones, as well as computers. The app can be used on web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It is also available for compatible devices running Lollipop or higher versions of iOS. But not all of these devices support YouTube TV.

Fortunately, YouTube TV also supports a variety of devices, including Android TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. With its wide range of compatible devices, you can easily switch between them. You can even record your favorite movies or TV shows to watch later without an internet connection. So no matter what device you own, YouTube TV can be installed on it. And because of its versatility, YouTube TV works on any device, so you can watch it no matter where you are.

YouTube TV supports many devices, including smart TVs, streaming players, and gaming consoles. It is also available for select models of Samsung and LG televisions. In September, the YouTube TV app will support Amazon Fire TV devices. If you’d like to watch YouTube videos on your television, there are several other ways to stream them. Some people watch YouTube through their web browser or through a mobile device. Depending on which platform you use, you can also watch YouTube content on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Another notable difference between YouTube TV and Hulu+Live TV is its sports channel lineup. Hulu and Live TV both have local sports networks, though they lack ESPN and NHL. Depending on where you live, you can even watch the NFL on YouTube TV. Despite its lack of regional sports channels, it still offers plenty of content besides the big leagues. In addition, you can watch sports games on multiple screens, like Sunday football.

Free trial options

If you’ve been considering purchasing YouTube TV, you may want to know your free trial options first. The official website for YouTube TV features a large button titled ‘Try It Free.’ You’ll be asked to sign in with your Google account and provide your ZIP code, so that the free trial offers will be relevant to your location. After that, you can start exploring the interface and the various features that YouTube TV offers.

You can cancel your YouTube TV membership before your free trial ends by logging in and going to Settings. From there, choose Membership, and then click “Cancel Membership.” You can pause your membership for up to six months, during which time you’ll have no access to the service. Don’t worry about losing any recordings or settings. You’ll only be charged if you continue using YouTube TV. However, you should consider all of these options before committing to a subscription.

YouTube TV offers seven and 14-day free trials. Depending on your location, you may only be able to use the free trial for one or two weeks. Depending on the length of the free trial, you can choose between a yearly or monthly subscription. Once your free trial period is over, your subscription will automatically renew. This way, you can test out YouTube TV before you purchase a full subscription. You can even extend your free trial by up to seven days if you wish.

A YouTube TV free trial is a great way to see if YouTube TV is right for you. There’s no obligation to buy the full service, and you can cancel anytime during the free trial period if you’re not satisfied. There are also several optional packages that can be added to your subscription, so you can watch the best shows in a limited time. The free trial offers the greatest chance to see whether YouTube TV is right for you.

How to Get YouTube TV

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