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How to Claim a Web Domain

If you’re wondering how to claim a web domain, there are a few things you should consider before you do. Names that contain double letters, hyphens, or other trendy catchphrases are best avoided. When choosing a domain name, stick to one word or set of words. Domains with these characteristics tend to be harder to remember and type, which makes them less suited for marketing purposes.

Avoiding double letters

Avoiding double letters when claiming a website domain name is vital for your brand’s brand-ability. Although people might find it humorous, your name may not be memorable enough to catch the attention of people who type it in their browser. Furthermore, people may not be able to tell what you meant by registering the domain name, which can result in lost traffic. To avoid this, consider a few suggestions.

Avoiding numbers

Using numbers in your domain name can be amusing, but it will do you more harm than good if your audience doesn’t understand it. Users may have trouble telling the difference between a digit character and a written word, making it difficult for them to find your website. Avoiding numbers when claiming a web domain is essential to avoid legal problems. Listed below are some reasons why you should avoid numbers in your domain name.

Avoiding hyphens

If you’re claiming a web domain for a product, service, or brand, you should avoid using hyphens. While it used to be the trend to stuff domain names with keywords and phrases, this practice has fallen out of favor and should be avoided. In addition to being difficult to remember, hyphens can lead users to your competitor’s website if they accidentally type in the wrong domain name.

Buying a domain from a domain owner

Buying a domain from a domain registrar is a great way to own your own site, but be sure to pay attention to the price. The domain will most likely be worth less if you have high expectations. If you’re not sure of what to offer, you can look up other similar domains to determine the price. If you’re not comfortable with making the deal yourself, you can always hire a broker to help you out. While wire transfers may be safe, it is not recommended as you can lose your money if the domain owner does not honor the transaction.

How to Claim a Web Domain

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