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One of the best ways of driving quality traffic to your websites and blogs is through link building. Link building is the process of creating one or more links to your website from another website. The Pages where you create backlinks, particularly the authority and quality of these pages, play an important part in determining how high you will rank in search engines. This is exactly where link marketing comes into play.

You will receive 834% more backlinks when you blog regularly, and your inbound links will increase by 97%. There are no magic backlinks; they are just quality links.

When doing backlinks building, you need to follow certain guidelines. The first rule is not to link to pages with a poor ranking in Google’s organic search results. This means no Google Page Rank 1 sites, Yahoo PageRank sites, or social networking sites. This means no article directories such as EzineArticles and no Squidoo or HubPages.

However, this does not mean you should not write about topics relevant to your website or blog. Write about things that you know about, topics in which you have experience and knowledge. This way, you can build trust and rapport with your readers, and the chances are that they will return to your website or blog to use the backlinks you’ve provided them with.

If you follow good link-building practices, then this will happen naturally. You will earn trust from your readers, and you will receive backlinks in return, which will help your rankings on Google search engine result pages (SERPs).

However, there are certain rules that you need to follow to create backlinks that will be effective for you. First, you should not use the Nofollow attribute in your web pages. Google and other search engines consider a nofollow attribute to be a negative signal regarding link popularity, so they will drop your page’s PageRank as a consequence.

Furthermore, you should ensure that you submit your web pages to only those directories that have high page rank. It is possible that you won’t ever see an increase in your page rank due to submitting your site to niche directories.

These directories are the ones that are crawled by Googlebot, and they are constantly crawling the most popular niche directories. If you wish to ensure that your page rank is increased, it is recommended that you submit your web pages to these directories.

Link Building through content marketing is an old and proven method of gaining backlinks. You just have to write articles related to your niche and insert your backlinks in the body of the article. Then you should submit these articles to the popular article directories. Remember that you shouldn’t submit these articles just to article directories but where most people read your content.

Social networking sites are also very beneficial for internet marketers. Suppose you can create accounts in the most popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. In that case, you will get a good share of targeted traffic to your website.

But you have to remember that these social networking sites are strictly dedicated to your company’s profile, and they have their own ranking factor. This ranking factor basically decides whether or not these links are effective.

So backlinks building isn’t as easy as it seems. To ensure that your site’s rankings will be improved, you have to put lots of effort into link building. If your content is of high quality, high-quality backlinks are pointing to your site.

Suppose your website has no content but has high-quality backlinks pointing to it. In that case, the search engines will take you more seriously as a company. So, in essence, you have to do something to improve your online visibility and your search engine rankings.

How Can I Get Traffic to My Link Marketing

How Can I Get Traffic to My Link Marketing

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