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Filmora Review

In this filmora review, I will be examining the main features and functions of this video editor.

I’ll also discuss the interface and workflow of the program, and look into some of the cool things it can do with color matching.

If you’re planning to make a multiscreen video, filmora is a great choice for this task.

But before I dive into the specifics, I’ll talk about two of the most popular ways to create this type of video: split-screen functionality.


The built-in screen recording feature in Filmora makes capturing screen content easy. It includes audio, mouse click tracking, and varying quality settings. When recording a screen segment, the file is imported into the media library and can then be used as a reference for any project. There are also additional editing features such as audio ducking. All of these can be useful for video production. Whether you’re making a movie for your family, for the web, or for other purposes, Filmora is an excellent choice.

Split-screen functionality is another powerful feature in Filmora. It enables you to create multi-screen videos. To do this, simply navigate to the split-screen icon on the left pane of the main menu. It is located under video, audio, filters, and video transitions. There, you can choose how many screens you want to display and the order in which they should appear. You can select two, three, or four screens to split your video.

Importing your media from social media is another useful feature of Filmora. It can import videos in virtually any format, including HD. It also allows users to customize the encoding process and preview the final file size before uploading. It supports a wide range of file formats, including MP3, WMV, and AAC. It also supports several image formats, such as PNG, GIF, and JPG. Exporting your videos with a watermark is another useful option.


The Filmora interface is straightforward, easy to use, and includes a built-in screen recorder and a variety of tools for video editing. You can also use the auto reframe feature, the Auto Beat Sync module, and AI Portrait to isolate faces in your videos, as well as apply post-production effects. Filmora has a clean, uncluttered interface with no hidden menus. All controls are easy to use, and you can change the size of the window and the layout of its various components to match your preferences.

Although the Filmora interface is easy to use, it is not without its drawbacks. One of these is the odd design of the timeline. You have to click “Add New Track” to add an audio or text track. Also, you can only add three tracks to a video. This is an annoyance for some, but it is a minor complaint when you consider the countless options available in other video editing programs.

One of the most useful features of the Filmora interface is its ability to adjust video aspect ratio. Most common aspect ratios are 16:9, but Filmora can also be adjusted to support 4:3, 9:16, and 21:9 for cinema widescreen. Aside from aspect ratios, Filmora offers a wide range of options for editing text and titles. The platform also has a library of royalty-free music and animated text effects.


Automating business processes is easy with Filmora Workflow. Its powerful automation bots are the most powerful in the industry and can complete repetitive tasks with a minimal amount of effort. The archive to Filmora Bot is an example of this technology. The Archive to Filmora Bot works with your existing Filmora workflow. It connects your workflow with other business productivity alternatives, such as Google Docs. It requires no coding and can be added to any workflow in just a few minutes.

In addition to offering easy-to-use tools, Filmora has a free and a full version of the software. In the free version, you can import footage and make a preset video. This will automatically edit your video for you. However, the full version of Filmora requires more effort. Once you’ve imported your footage, you can scrub it and add text and effects to it. You can also export your finished video.

While there are many great features available for professional video editors, the free version lacks in some areas. While the interface is simple, there are many more advanced features that can make editing easier. For example, if you’re an amateur filmmaker, you don’t need a lot of advanced tools. You’ll still be able to edit basic videos using the free version. However, if you’re a video editor who’s working on a brand image, you may not want to use a free version.

Color matching

If you’re looking for a way to color match different clips of footage, Filmora’s new color matching tool is a great choice. This tool is an essential tool when blending different footage shots from different cameras. Using it can help you make your videos look more polished, and it will reduce processing time significantly. Plus, it’s easy to use. Here are three ways to use Filmora color matching to your benefit.

With Filmora X, you can automatically apply color settings to your clips with just a single click. Filmora intelligently adds filters to match the colors of your clips. You can choose a level of color match, from 1% to 100%. Color matching makes it easy to get your video looking the way you want it to. And you don’t have to know Photoshop to do it. Filmora can help you achieve a professional look by fixing color issues in your videos.

When using Filmora, you can use the software’s color matching feature to merge different video clips. You can choose multiple clips and combine them in one video to make one, smoother transition. In addition, Filmora’s green screen feature lets you create high-quality shots even on a low budget. It can also give your videos an extra boost when it comes to creativity. It is important to understand that Filmora color matching is not a replacement for professional video editing software, but an essential part of the process.


When you use Filmora split-screen effect, you have the option to add audio to the split-screen video. To do this, you should select the video track and click the Position slider to move the video clip to the desired area of the screen. This step must be repeated for all video clips. If the problem persists, you can also remove the audio and try again. There are many ways to edit split-screen videos in Filmora, including exporting to YouTube or Vimeo. The software even lets you burn a split-screen movie to DVD.

To use Filmora split-screen effect, you should import the video to the media library and choose one of its preset targets. From there, you can choose the video and set the split-screen effect. Afterwards, you can customize the settings and select the background image. If you want to add a special effect, you can use the Effects tab to add various types of effects to your film. Similarly, the Video Effects tab contains over 700 effects and transitions that you can use in your films.

Split-screen effect is a great feature in Filmora. It lets you easily split your video into multiple screens by importing multiple videos and photos. Then, you can position the video clip above or below the background. Now, you can create a split-screen video using the new features in Filmora. You can also use this tool to edit your video. Once you have finished editing, you can export your video.

Noise removal

There are a variety of noise removal programs available online. However, Filmora Video Editor from Wondershare has several unique features that make it the best program for this task. Its advanced audio and video editing features enable you to manipulate background sounds, such as footsteps, chatter, and car horns, and make them less visible in your videos. First, you need to place your video on a timeline and choose the noise removal functions that you want to apply.

You can adjust the threshold to the desired level to reduce the background noise. If you find that the background noise still persists, you can try masking it with a background tune. Alternatively, you can record a voiceover to speak over the noise. However, you should be aware that this option is not recommended because it can affect your audio quality. The default settings are not appropriate if your video is shaky or distorted.

Using Filmora Noise Removal is easy and convenient. It supports a variety of formats and allows users to import media and remove background noise. You can add audio tracks by dragging them onto the timeline. You can also use video transitions to make your video more appealing. In addition, Filmora supports many video formats and enables you to use a variety of editing options, including adding audio tracks. Using this tool, you can cut out background noise from your videos.

Filmora Review

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