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The internet is the only place I know where you can access so many valuable tools for free. One of the most widely used of these free tools is the Google keywords tool. This online resource is available to everyone who wants to use it and the best part about it, besides the fact that it’s free, is that it’s very easy to use. 

Google Keywords Tool – 3 Tips Plus More

Don’t let its ease of use and the fact that it’s free to distract you from the real power of this tool. There are very few things you can do online from a marketing standpoint (actually, there may not be any. I can’t think of one right at the moment) where you don’t need a great list of highly searched-for keywords. 

Who better to turn to for that information than the biggest search engine around? They most certainly have access to what their searchers are looking for online and what words and phrases they are using for that search.  

Most of the time, it will make sense to follow some basic steps when undertaking keyword research:

  • 1. First things first. Use your head, think up a list of 10 or so ‘base keywords.’ These are very general keywords and would probably be too broad and competitive for you to target; they are just the first step. 
  • 2. Take your preliminary list and head over to the research tool. Plug each of these broad keyword phrases into the software, and it’s very easy. Each of the broad phrases will give you a smaller, more drilled-down list. Some words and phrases will show up more than once, but you will get some new phrases. Also, not all the phrases will work for your niche, but again, you’ll get some ideas of other possible keywords. 
  • 3. From these two steps, you’ll probably already have a pretty long keyword list. A few things you’ll need to remember is that these lists will be good, but don’t think for one minute that all of the good keywords will be included on the list… they won’t be.  

Also, don’t mistake paying too much attention to the estimates of cost per click, average monthly searches, or competition. These are only broad ideas. 

Many new online marketers will make a huge mistake when it comes to keyword research. They will focus on the most highly searched phrases they can find. They will figure that if that many people use a certain keyword, it will make sense for them to use that keyword and benefit from all that traffic. 

Sounds good. The only problem is that hundreds of thousands of other online marketers have the same idea. The keyword may get a ton of searches, but it will also have a ton of competition.  

Instead, focus on those keywords that ‘fly under the radar. They still get a lot of monthly searches, but they aren’t as competitive, which means you’ll have an easier time getting ranked for those keywords, and you’ll pay less per click for those keywords. All this information will be yours when you use the Google keywords tool.

5 Important Steps To Success In Affiliate Marketing And Earning Huge Commissions

Joining and promoting affiliate programs and products is the best way to easily and quickly earn money online. It is important that you research the program or product you intend to promote as an affiliate. This will ensure that you join a reputable affiliate program and that it will be easy for you to market and generate some sales.

After you have decided on the affiliate program, you want to join, and you need to follow the steps outlined in this article to help you earn huge affiliate commissions.

  • Step Number 1: Build your website to promote your product. If you are serious about affiliate marketing, it is recommended that you have your website where you will be promoting your affiliate products. You can therefore select several good affiliate products and promote them on your website by having a website. This will increase the affiliate commissions you can earn from these products.
  • Step Number 2: Start your newsletter and build an email list. Having an email list is important because it gives you many prospects to whom you can promote your affiliate programs regularly.
  • Step Number 3: Get an Auto Responder for your website. Email marketing makes it easy for you to automatically send emails and capture emails from people visiting your website, and you can do this using an autoresponder on your website. The autoresponder can send a newsletter, e-course, or articles to your prospects regularly. This automated process of promoting your website saves you time and makes it easy to build your business.
  • Step Number 4. Write and distribute articles. If you want to be successful with affiliate marketing, you must write many articles on your topic and submit them to directories. You must post your article on as many websites as you can. 
  • Step Number 5: Start a reciprocal and one-way linking campaign. To increase the ranking of your website on search engines, you must start to exchange links with other websites in your niche. You can also participate in forums, have a blog, write articles and give free e-books with your website URL. This will create one-way links back to your website. The more websites that link to you, the higher page rank you will have in the search engines, leading to more traffic. 

Follow these five steps if you want to earn huge commissions with your affiliate programs!

Blog Marketing For Money

Blog marketing is something that most everyone is doing that owns a blog. You are going to find that many of them are blogging for money, and many are not. The numbers vary and depend on what you are looking at. If you want a home business consisting of blog marketing, you would be blogging for money.

If you have a blog that you use to write your thoughts and journal more or less, you are probably not blogging for money. Everyone blogs for a different reason.

Blog marketing to make money means that you are simply blogging for a profit. If you make an amount of money that will add up to become anything, you need to be persistent and consistent. There are some things, techniques, and tools that you must know and know how to use to do so. Keep reading for more.

While good content is something that you will need for your blog to make money, you also want to ensure that it is original content. You can market a blog with copied and that you do not own the rights to. Plagiarism will get you in trouble with Google as well as the person that originally wrote the content.

Be sure that all of your posts are ones that only you own the right to. This is a great thing to know and do when you are marketing your blog to make money. Content is the key to successful marketing lately.

Tracking is another part of blog marketing for money that is so very important. You want to be able to track your visitors and clickers to know where they are coming from. You want to tell what keywords they searched on to find your blog and where they did their searching.

Doing so will help take out all of the guesswork regarding blog marketing and making money while blogging. You will want to know what keywords are working and which are not to know which keywords to use more of and which ones to drop.

Another thing that is important when you are blog marketing for money is finding other sites and blogs in the same market as yours but not in direct competition with you to exchange links with. This will help you out a lot, especially if you can get some good exchanges with high authority sites. The higher the page rank of your link exchange, the better for your blog. Google and the other search engines will recognize your link exchanges, and the more, the better in this case.

Blog marketing for money can be done. You simply have to know what works and what does not. It is truly a trial and error basis. If you think you might know of a new way to market your blog the most effectively, try it!

You never know if it will work for you until you do. Then if you find something that works and works well, consider making it into an ebook and marketing that as well. You will have the know-how; it is just a matter of using it.

Digimarketing Digital Marketing For Dummies

Digimarketing Digital Marketing For Dummies

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